What We Do

We seek to give the government a sense of the people’s needs; to educate students in civics; and, to a provide a record of what the people think in order to help to make a better world.

We practice different religions, we have different origins, and we are diverse in age, race, and political affiliations.  We have different levels of education and different occupations - from self-taught and home-schooled to accomplished craftspeople - and from CEOs to students.  What unites us is simple:  

We want our voices to be heard.  

We provide many of the study results free to the interested public- and we give credit to our researchers.  The money we earn through the production of the studies goes toward funding educational activities and public access to data.


We have registered in Wisconsin as a lobbying organization. However, we are not a lobbying organization.  We do not employ lobbying organizations, nor do we contract them.  We have to be registered as a lobbying organization in order to communicate freely and frequently with state legislators on behalf of the people.

The data we produce and publish is objective, honest, scientifically-proven, and non-partisan.

We have introduced a way to run a government that represents the needs of the people - in a way that works!

We use easy to understand, robust statistics to reveal the most important elements in the study.  We share the results widely in order to generate conversation and provide data where data is needed.

We believe in the power of the people to represent themselves in governance - and to elect public officials who will represent them.

Please see our sample projects to learn more.