Shirley Kwosek Sciacca, MDR

Shirley Kwosek Sciacca, MDR

shirley kwosek sciacca - senior vice president

Shirley Kwosek Sciacca is a high-energy seasoned executive with over three decades of experience in Fortune 100 and 500 industries.  Her professional experience includes the corporate, public, nonprofit and government sectors.

Shirley spent over a decade as an Administrative Leader and Supervisor with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She led a diverse team of professionals assigned to fighting domestic and international terrorism as well as combatting traditional criminal matters in Wisconsin.  She received recognition for the Roundtables she created to provide in-service learning to FBI employees and community leaders. She also received awards for her work in handling investigative matters at the highest level of security clearance.

Shirley created a customer-training program for 26,000 TWA employees. She also served as the founding Diversity Chairperson, which became a model for other major airlines.  As a Corporate Quality Control consultant, Agent in Charge and Flight Attendant for TWA and American Airlines, Shirley became a seasoned spokesperson. She was featured on national news immediately after 9/11 for creating a self-defense training program for airline employees with her Taekwondo black belt Grandmaster.

A trained mediator, Shirley holds a Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution (MDR) from Marquette University where she was honored as an Outstanding Alumna; she received her Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Psychology and Organizational Leadership graduating Summa Cum Laude from Marquette University. She has received awards for her work on leadership development, culture change, education, social justice, ethics, and her passion for diversity. Shirley was recognized and honored as an Ignatius Scholar and a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda and Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society while at Marquette.  She is working on a black belt in tae kwon do, she is an experienced dancer, writer, and traveler, and is a lifelong learner, studying guitar and Italian.

Shirley is the founder and President of Bruadarach, LLC, an organizational development firm that offers consulting, coaching, and Dispute Resolution services. Shirley mediated in the Kenosha County Small Claims Court, handling employment, family, health care, and tort cases.  She was founder and President of a marketing research-consulting firm, JRS & Associates.  She also is the Senior Vice President of Vox Populi Global®, Vox Populi Wisconsin®, and Vox Populi USA®, three businesses founded to provide improved tools for better governance to the State of Wisconsin and the Nation.